We understand that starting something new can be a little daunting and even scary at times - especially when it comes to something like dancing which may be completely different to other sports or hobbies that you have had in the past. 


Here at Latin Energy we want to make you feel as comfortable as possible and give you an enjoyable and fun place to learn a new skill, keep fit and meet many new like-minded people.  Please have a read through our Frequently Asked Questions and hopefully we can answer any question you may have.  Feel free to get in contact with us should you need any further information.




Attending your first dance class can be nerve-wrecking, and we know you have questions. Here are a few which will hopefully put your mind at ease: 


What shoes should I wear?

For the most part, we recommend new students wear shoes that are:

·      Flat or with a low heel, and that fit securely on your feet. No thongs please!

·      Smooth soled but not too slippery with low to medium grip. Remember you’ll be twisting and turning as you dance, so shoes with strong grip will make it harder on your knees and ankles.


While you can dance in heels, we recommend that while you’re learning you wear flats or low heels. 


What should I wear?

We recommend students wear comfy clothing that allows for freedom of movement, like gym clothes or just a regular T-shirt with pants. In the summer months, bring a small towel as you will be breaking a sweat in our classes. In cooler months, come dressed in layers that can be removed during class as you warm up.


Do I need to bring a partner?

Only if you want to! We rotate partners throughout the class as this gives people more opportunity to experience other peoples leading and following, and to also make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to dance. You can come by yourself, with your partner, or with your friend – so long as we get to see you in class and share our love of dance with you!


When should I arrive for class?

We recommend arriving at least ten minutes before your class starts. This will give you time to change shoes or clothing, mingle with other students, and get a sneak peek of what the class before you has been getting up to.  Dancing is a social activity and those pre-class minutes are where some of the most lasting dance friendships begin.


Should I practice?

Absolutely! We’ll always give you opportunities to practice social dancing at the studio, but we highly recommend getting involved in Brisbane’s social dance scene as early as possible. You get to meet new people, refine your moves in a fun atmosphere, and get inspired to keep learning.