A few short words are hard to come up with to sum up Debby's importance and experience in the Latin scene!I will do my best to keep it short.

Debby's endless knowledge & experience, covering everything involved with Latin dancing, music and culture makes her one of the few people anyone in Australia can turn to about all things Latin. Never too busy to help out and listen she has been there to give me advise and words of encouragement throughout my dancing career and even helped me out with dj'ing tips and guidance.
I consider Debby an expert at teaching especially salsa both on1 and on2. The proof is in the pudding so they say, and you just have to dance with one of her current or past students to find out. She has in some way guided, mentored, taught or coached a lot of Australia's top talent and continues to nurture up and comers as well as not forgetting to develop the depth and growth of the scene from beginners up.

As a Dj she has rave reviews for her extensive music selection! I consider it an honour to play at any event alongside her as she knows exactly what the crowd wants. Blending grooves of boogaloo, guaguanco and mixing in modern Jazz influenced Ny style music from old to new she has you covered and the dancers are never disappointed.

One of the most fun and grooviest social dancers on the floor go's without saying. Debby is one of my favourite partners to seek out for a dance whenever we are at an event together. Enjoying the music as we groove together her skills on the dance floor are definitley top notch.

On a personal note she has been always open to myself and Brooke, friendly, accepting, encouraging and helpful. A good friend to everyone in the scene forging lasting friendships wherever her travels take her.

Contributing to the scene for over fifteen years now a wealth of knowledge and experience is an understatement! Debby Smits is a pioneer and much loved proffesional in the Latin community. Not just another teacher. Latin Energy is not just another school. More than your average DJ. Debby is the one of the most influencial and integral figureheads in the Latin community today.

Nathan Thorneycroft

Melbourne Dance Hub- http://melbournedancehub.com/

I joined up as a student at Latin Energy in 2010 and, since then, I went from a guy with two left feet and zero dance experience, to social dancing at the NYC International Salsa Congress with some of the best salsa dancers from all over the world. So if you always wanted to learn how to dance salsa, but never thought it was for you, do yourself a favour and go and see Debby. She will get you burning up the dance floor in no time.


Debby is well respected within the Brisbane salsa scene and beyond as an accomplished teacher, DJ, judge, as well as being a phenomenal social dancer. A significant number of the best social dancers and performers in Australia have trained under Debby at some point. Debby is one of the few instructors in the industry with both the extensive technical expertise, as well as the ability to teach and break down complex techniques to anyone, even people with no dance background.


Debby regularly travels overseas to keep up with the latest developments in the dance industry. So you can be sure you are getting access to the latest cutting edge teaching and techniques. Probably the thing that I appreciate most about Debby's teaching is her focus on developing each individual into the best dancer that they can be, no matter what their aspirations. So, no matter where you are on your dancing journey, Debby will help you become a better dancer.


Paul Stepowski

Latin Energy Student


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