Latin Energy offers fun and exciting classes in a number of different latin dance styles, including Salsa, Bachata, Cha Cha Cha and more...

We focus on teaching these dances for social dancing, as well as mastering technique, styling and musicality.

Class Levels

Salsa Beginners

An 8-week introduction course run over 2 blocks. In this course you will learn:

- Basic steps

- Partnerwork fundamentals

- Body mechanics and technique for basics

- Salsa Timing

- Simple turns and travelling moves

- Floor-craft and etiquette for social dancing


Salsa Improvers

In this level you will learn:

- Key concepts of linear salsa

- Fundamentals moves from a cross body lead

- Lead and follow mechanics

- Travelling turns

- Basic Shines

- Introduction to musicality

Salsa Intermediate

In this level you will learn:

- Combinations involving position changes

- Controlling space

- Body movement mechanics

- Linking combinations together

- Salsa shines

- Body mechanics for speed and precision

Salsa Open

In this level you will learn:

- Shines Improvisation

- Complex partnerwork variations

- Interplay of lead and follow

- Using syncopated rhythms

- Musicality, body movement and styling for expression

Dance Styles



Salsa is one of the most well-known Latin dances throughout the world. Salsa is South American music and its origins are from Afro-Cuban rhythms. Salsa has influences from jazz, soul, and is continuing to evolve today. The music is energetic, happy, sensual and full of contrasting rhythms and melodies that you can play with. A typical salsa dance is marked by lots of place changing, shines, spins, and styling. We teach two styles of Salsa at Latin Energy: Linear (LA) Salsa (On-1), and New York Salsa (On-2).


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Cheeky. Playful. Sensuous. Bachata originated from the Dominican Republic, but has spread all over the world and been re-interpreted to create different flavours and styles. As a result, you might hear people talk about Dominican (traditional) Bachata, Bachata Moderna, or Sensual Bachata. We teach elements all styles here at Latin Energy, but we are also the only school in Brisbane that teaches Dominican Bachata.


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Cha Cha Cha

If you're thinking of strict ballroom cha-cha - this ain't it! Influenced by boogaloo in the 60s and 70s, cha-cha is loose, funky, musical and incredibly, incredibly fun! If that weren't incentive enough to learn, mastering cha-cha has a flow on effect to salsa in helping you to interpret the music. We love it - so keep an eye out for cha cha workshops and short courses!


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