After months of quarantine Queensland has officially eased restrictions on many activities, including dance classes.

However, in the interests of public health and safety there are many new regulations in place. Here at Latin Energy we will comply with any official regulations given. It is what's best for us, and it is what's best for you.

This is new for all of us, and there will be a period of trial and error and adapting to the new regulations. We will do our best to communicate with you every time the regulations change, which may be often over the coming months. We hope for your understanding and cooperation during this.

 Studio Rules


1. If you are feeling sick AT ALL, with a cough, runny nose, temperature, or generally feeling unwell - DO NOT COME TO CLASS.


2. All classes must be booked through our studio bookings app. This is to ensure we have an accurate record of who attended, and each person's contact information in case this information becomes necessary. If you encounter any issues booking, please give us a call.

3. There will be size limits in our classes. 10 couples maximum in Studio One, and 5 couples maximum for Studio Two. It is recommended you arrange your own partner for class.

4. Partner dancing is allowed, as is rotating partners. However there will still be a large focus on solo work and technique.

5. Washing and sanitising of hands at classes is essential. Also please avoid touching your face. Please avoid unnecessary contact (e.g. hugging) outside of partnerwork in class.

6. Lingering after or between classes will be minimised. We at the studio will have to sanitise all surfaces, before, between and after classes, and will need to the students to vacate the studio for this. 

7. Please bring your own water bottles, as we are not allowed to operate the communal water dispenser.

8. It will be recommended to wear face mask in classes but it is not mandatory. Shines solo classes are exempt from wearing masks.

We are very excited to be dancing again, and we appreciate these new habits will feel strange at the start. However if we all do our bit, we will be able to keep dancing as life returns to normal. 

Thank you






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