Since opening in 1998 as Latin Beat Dance Company, we have nurtured and helped dancers to reach their full  potential both in Brisbane and across Australia.  Led by Debby Smits who has extensive training both in Australia and  abroad you are sure to find what you are looking for with us.  Learn more about our dedicated and passionate team below:

Debby Smits

Business Director

Artistic Director

Competition Judge

Lead Instructor

Lead Choreographer



Debby has been on the Latin Dance scene since 1996. She established the Latin Beat Dance Company in 1998, later changing its name in 2004 to Latin Energy Productions. Her extensive knowledge of Latin dance and her attention to technique, musicality and styling has helped her to achieve a reputation as a respected professional judge, instructor, choreographer and DJ who regularly travels both nationally and internationally.



Debby has a Master’s certificate in teaching Salsa which she obtained in the USA. She has a fun, vibrant way of conducting classes with a focus on social dance technique and has created some of Australia’s best social dancers. Always the innovator, Debby introduced the Brisbane Latin Dance scene to Rueda, Linear Salsa, Bachata, Ladies styling, and Salsa On2.



Debby is one of the most well-known and respected competition judges in the Australian Latin Dance scene. She has judged for; the Australian Salsa Classic (ASC),  Australian Salsa Open (ASO) (which she was also an organiser for), World Latin Dance Cup (WLDC), World Salsa Solo (WSS), Australian Dance Cup (ADC), plus many more.  She received her judges training in 2007 under Billy Fajardo and Oliver Pineda. Debby is also available for pre- and post-competition mentoring sessions.



Debby is also known as DJ Debelicious, one of the very few female DJs in the Australian Salsa Scene. She became a DJ by accident but has grown to love the role! Known for her smooth style and for playing music specifically for dancers, this sassy DJ has been invited to DJ at numerous national Latin festivals and events, as well as internationally in South East Asia, New Zealand and the USA.


Choreographer and Performer:

Debby has been creating choreographies and performing for over 20 years in competitions, corporate gigs and shows.



Bradkay - ChristineA-072-EditOR.jpg
Cristina Aneiros




Jason Gillott




Cristina has been in the Brisbane Latin Dance scene for almost 20 years and started her dance journey with the Spanish Folkloric Dance Group.


Her salsa journey started in 2001 and in that time she has built a wealth of experience in Cuban, Cali, Linear (On-1) and Mambo (On-2) styles.


Cristina was first introduced to authentic Dominican bachata in 2007. She took her first trip to the Dominican Republic in 2008 and travels there regularly to fuel her passion for Dominican rhythms, dances and culture.


She is Australia's Dominican bachata specialist. Well-known for her flowing body movement and smooth footwork, as well as her ability to articulate and transmit these concepts to her students.

Cristina loves the connection between dance, music and culture that is at the base of Latin dancing.

Jason was introduced to Latin Dancing in 2010 and it quickly became apparent to him that this new-found love of dance was going to take over his life.

One of Australia’s best leaders on the social dance floor, Jason is also known as the ‘Leading Guru’ for his ability to break down and teach the details and tips behind mastering complicated moves to make them look smooth and feel enjoyable.  

Jason believes that understanding and mastering the basics is key to growing and developing as a dancer.


While Jason’s first love is social dancing, he also enjoys performing and competing, and previously has placed 2nd in the Queensland Salsa Titles in 2011, as well as winning his division in the 2012 QLD Freestyle Championship.


Jason is still takes every opportunity to take private lessons with the world top Salsa dancers.

Paul Stepowski